Operation Bacon Pork Products

Humans have been cooking meat for 800,000 years. In that time we’ve switched from knowing exactly where our food comes from – cooking what we kill – to having no idea where our food comes from – cooking whatever is shipped to the supermarket. 

But there’s a middle ground we can come together on – Operation Bacon.

Here at Operation Bacon Pork Products, our goal is to refamiliarize Minnesotans with their local food chain and economy. There are 3,000 hog farmers in Minnesota, raising 16 million pigs to harvest each year. We want to bring that bacon, chop, roast, ribs, and loin straight from a local family hog farm to your dining room table, cookout, or pignic at an affordable price per pound you can squeal about. We sell fresh, local, all-natural, chemical- and antibiotic-free, whole- and half-hog packages.

If, after looking around our website and doing your hamwork, you have any more questions about where your pork comes from, we’d love to give you answers or even arrange a phone call with the Minnesota hog farmer who provided your pork.

Bring home the bacon for ~$3/lb.!

Cut of pork belly on butcher paper